School of Education seminar

Dr Melissa Terras presented a seminar in the School of Education.

View a slideshare of the seminar here

Title: The Virtual Visitor: What Do We Know About Users of Digitised Cultural Heritage?

Date: Friday 24th February

Venue: Room 1.26, Paterson’s Land


Description: Over the past twenty years, combined digitization effort from the cultural and heritage sector has seen millions of digitized items placed online, mainly to increase “access” to historical and cultural material. Yet we know very little about whether, how, and why this material is used, and whether the temporal and financial investment necessary to create digital content is paying off.

This seminar will report on work being done at University College London’s Centre for Digital Humanities ( on use and users of digital arts, humanities, and heritage content. This includes the Log Analysis of Internet Resources in the Arts and Humanities (LAIRAH), and a study of users of the British Museum’s Collection Database Online. What methods are used, and what emerges regarding our understanding of how people use digitized cultural and heritage content?

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