Smita Kheria

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Copyright, authorship and ownership in digital co-creative practices

In some of the emerging co-creative practices in the digital domain, a number of actors routinely co-create, co-curate, and co-consume digital resources and content not just to use and manipulate digital technologies but also for creative expression and knowledge making. Collaborative authorship does not sit very well within the current copyright framework and this talk will discuss some of the challenges to notions of authorship and ownership raised by such co-creative practices.


Dr Smita Kheria is a Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law and an associate member of SCRIPT –¬†the AHRC Research Centre for Studies in Intellectual¬†Property and Technology Law. Her research interests are in using empirical research to address questions on copyright law and policy as to new types of creative content and to explore connections between Intellectual property law and new forms of property and culture through perspectives of creators and users.